Managed Services

Complete social media marketing strategy and execution. Turn social media into a real customer acquisition channel with all the strategy, execution, and genuine engagement needed to be successful on social.

Full Service - $2,950/month

Fully managed social accounts and proactive community engagement.

  • Management of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin
  • 200+ optimized shares distributed across the networks each month
  • Daily Following of 70-120 Targeted Twitter and Instagram Accounts
  • Daily Liking of relevant shares on Twitter and Instagram
  • 500 targeted leads sourced for targeted cross channel engagement
  • Social profile optimization, including custom profile graphic design
  • On-site Call-to-Actions to drive social following and capture leads
  • Social media advertising management (up to $2,000/mo)
  • Hitshop social media performance dashboard to see traffic and conversions
  • Social Media Strategy Plan updated every 3 months + GrowthPlan consultation
  • Biweekly Growth Strategy Sessions to review results and share learnings
  • 3-month commitment, then month-to-month
    • Month 1: Strategy and setup, profile optimization, on-site CTA setup, custom audience creation, launch of sharing and engagement by the end of the month
    • Month 2: Social channels are fully running and building up performance data
    • Month 3: Optimization of content and targeting in response to learnings


Build your social media marketing strategy, one deliverable at a time. Perfect for small teams just starting out and established teams that want to ramp up social content and engagement on demand.

Content Curation +

$300 per Month

Hand-picked content ready to share with your target audience.

  • 120 curated shares/month
  • Handwritten share copy
  • Enriched with images, author’s Twitter handle, and hashtags
  • Optimized for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

Custom Audiences +

$1.50 per Lead

Lead lists based on a “signal” (context) that provide uber-targeted campaigns

  • Enriched with extensive data:
    • Email Addresses, Company, First and Last Names, Social Handles, Geo and Location data, Positions and Roles, Industries, Markets, Funding, # of Employees, Other Custom Variables
  • Use Cases:
    • Influencer Outreach, Targeted Social Following and Engagement Campaigns, Social Advertising Targeting

Twitter Engagement Engine +

$400 per Month

Grow your Twitter profile with daily, targeted Following and engagement.

  • Following of 70-120 targeted Twitter profiles a day
  • A/B testing of direct messages sent to new Followers asking a specific question
  • Liking of targeted Tweets to drive new Followers
  • Adding targeting profiles to Twitter lists to drive new Followers
  • Unfollowing of profiles that do not Follow you back within 72 hours

20 Custom Image Shares +

$300 per Month

Add more visual content to your social sharing.

  • PNG and PSD files included
  • 1 round of revisions
  • Include quotes, Call-to-Actions, and special offers in the images
  • Optimized for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest

Instagram Sharing & Engagement +

$500 per Month

Build an audience on Instagram with custom images and influencer engagement.

  • 20 custom image shares
  • 30 reposts of other’s shares
  • Daily Liking of other’s shares
  • Daily Following of targeted accounts

Social Profile Optimization +

$500 per Month

Make your social profiles stand out with professional design and complete profile information

  • Custom graphic design for up to 4 social profiles
  • Copywriting for up to 4 social profiles
  • Best practice optimization focused on driving leads and traffic to your site
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles included

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